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Governments and manufacturers were aware from the very beginning, that injections will harm and kill people.
Despite that knowledge, they still approved it, marketed as safe and forced us to take it.

This is the most important evidence, that proves irrefutably the biggest crime against humanity in history. American FDA is a government agency responsible for approving mRNA preparations to be used on US territory. Their duty is to control and analize preeliminary studies in order to keep harmful food and drugs out of the market.

It turns out Pfizer’s preeliminary studies reported over 42,000 cases of side effects, including 1291 different medical conditions, over 1,200 deaths, a lot of miscarriage and many, many more! U.S. Food and Drugs Administration received documents about side effects from Pfizer in February ’21, so they were aware of it, while approving Pfizer’s product months later and allowed it to be marketed as „safe” and „only way to stop pandemics”.

In January 2022, FDA tried to block all the documents from the public for over 70 years! Thanks to judge Mark Pittman in Texas, agency was legally obliged to periodically publish it all, tens of thousands of papers.

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