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In the second half of 2022, I was writing about 75,000 deaths in VAERS and EMA databases combined, also stating that this number is too low to be real. Several people messaged me that I am spreading nonsense. According to them, the numbers in these databases are hugely inflated, as patients can self-report events without a doctor’s authorisation.

When I heard this, I admit that for a moment I… Just kidding, I didn’t doubt for a second. I still believe that, in fact, this data is hugely underestimated and I intend to demonstrate this below.

Alright, so I got 10 thoughts for you – please try to focus on them and realize how naive it is to believe, there are less than 75,000 fatal VAEs after those toxic shots…

  1. Let’s start with Pfizer/FDA documents again. Their preiliminary studies reported over 42,000 of VAEs, including 1,223 deaths. Let me underline something about it, to make sure everyone is able to see the how much is it changes perspective:
    • Those 1223 deaths are ONLY from a preliminary studies…
    • of JUST ONE manuacturer…
    • they stopped recording in February ’21
    • those deaths happened ONLY AFTER 1-2 DOSES, while world reached 5th already…
  2. According to the same papers, there are 1291 possible VAEs – no, they don’t talk about single cases. It means 1291 TOTALLY DIFFERENT UNDESIRABLE ADVERSE EFFECTS. Vast majority of people don’t even know that there are so many different medical conditions! Not even the doctors and scientists are able to remember it all and connect the dots all the time… So, how much of the cardiac arrests all around the world, strokes, thrombosis and other horrible ailment are actually unrecognized vaccine adverse events? What percentage of unexplained deaths happening all the time are actually some VAE from that list of 1,291 conditions, especially the weird ones we never heard of…?
  3. I don’t know about your countries, but here in Poland, if you took the vaccine and died before two weeks, they counted you as UNVACCINATED! This madness went so far, that if you had already 2 doses + booster and decided to get 2nd booster which kill you in 11 days… YES, AS QUADRUPLE-JABBED THEY MARKED YOUR CORPSE AS UNVACCINATED! How many of vax-victims weren’t actually counted for those databases..? As for me, it is easy to see this nonsense rule covered up tens of thousands of fatal VAEs…
  4. According to some analityst, especially from funeral/insurance industry, only in Germany there are over 30,000 deaths caused by mRNA shots. Remember they observe very well how fast people are dying, remember also that Germany is only 1% of the world population.
  5. Some medics and scientists are stating that underestimation factor of mRNA adverse events recorded in UE/US databases range from 10 to even 50 – if they were right, that would mean from 750K to 3,75M people killed by those injetions. Of course this calculation does not include victims from Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico, Asia or Australia.
  6. Even the governments confirm so often that unvaccinated have from 10 do even 100 times lesser chance to die from any cause. It’s all in their official reports, you just have to know what a „person-year” is and do some most basic math. You can check it for yourself a little below, the next chapter is literally about it.
  7. A lot of doctors did not report VAEs during the pandemics, some of them were even proud of it and bragged about it online. Some of them were scared or just paid to not do so. This also reduces the database records amount by a lot. Remember, that if VAE happened before 14 days after last injections, they were even unable to report it!
  8. How many people do you know who voluntarily report medicine/vaccine adverse events..? I mean, I find it hard to believe that more people are doing this for no reason, accomplishing nothing, than there are people who never do it. Just think about it, vast majority will never report anything. Being aware of it, how can one say that VAE-databases are inflated..?
  9. Let’s be serious, if unnecesary reporting of adverse effects would be a problem, then mRNA shots wouldn’t be the only issue. They exceed all limits, for over a year only those shots are responsible for more reports than ALL the vaccines EVER used since the database exists (about 30 years). Crazy – no other medicines have this problem.
  10. Remember that Pfizer papers mentioned at the beginning? It is time to commit a math/stats crime, but don’t kill me – it’s not to get a concrete result, but only to show the scale of how underestimated those 75,000 deaths are…


More of a joke…

So, there were 1,223 deaths in Pfizer preliminary studies while they jabbed 46,331 study participants. This would make 2,6% post-jab mortality, but we do not know a lot of other factors, like:

  • How much of them died only due to injection?
  • What was the mortality after AstraZeneca, J&J and Moderna?
  • Did they change any ingredients after initial studies?

We don’t know that, so lets reduce that 2,6% expected mortality by… TEN TIMES! Do you think it’s enough?

Maybe some would agree, but I think it will be fair and realistic to reduce it 100 TIMES! Well… Considering mortality after mRNA-shots to be 100x lesser than it initial studies should make everyone agree, that for sure I do not overrestimate it, right..?

You know what, let’s reduce it 1000 TIMES! This is a huge exaggeration and there is no option that after FDA approval mRNA preparations magically decided to be 1000 TIMES LESS LETHAL THAN THEY USED TO BE, RIGHT?

But… Even if we make that move and reduce 2,6% to 0,0026% with no sufficient premises, it still exceed that 75,000 deaths – 0,0026% from 5,5 trillion people vaccinated is about 144,000. Even now it’s almost a double of official mRNA victims.

So you see… Believing that there are less fatal adverse events that VAERS/EMA tell us is incredibly naive.

This time no sources, as every source used writing this already is discussed on this website or will be before this week ends.



There’s no need for me to translate this one, as The Expose already created a brilliant article on that topic. You can click on its title below to get there:

SHOCKING: UK Government admits COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children

My polish explanation of it all is, I believe, a lot simpler and impartial, so if you have trouble understanding and/or verifying their article, just use some DeepL or other translator to try my version. Here is the title, just click it to open


That’s all for now. If I won’t be homeless on Wednesday by some miracle, I’ll be back and finish my this website. Wish me luck.